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Public supplier information

The information contained within this section of the Supplier Portal is publically available. It provides an insight into trading with Renishaw as a supplier, and identifies requirements relating to legislation, regulation and corporate policy.

Renishaw Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)To effectively manage the social and environmental factors affecting the business and, in turn, their impact on its reputation and profitability, Renishaw has a formal Corporate Social Responsibility management structure to provide a better focus for the Group's activities.
Renishaw Corporate Environmental Policy

The Corporate Environmental Policy is an integral part of Renishaw's business strategy. Renishaw is an environmentally conscious and responsible company.

Renishaw Group Business CodeThe Group Business Code sets out principles of business conduct and standards which all companies in the Renishaw Group are expected to follow.
Anti-Bribery PolicyRenishaw has a zero tolerance approach to any form of bribery or corruption. Our global anti-bribery programme is designed to ensure all employees comply with this approach and aligns with the six principles of the UK Bribery Act.
Renishaw Terms & Conditions of PurchaseThe standard terms of trade by which Renishaw undertake business with suppliers are contained within Renishaw Terms and conditions of purchase
Contact RenishawLocations, maps and site addresses for all Renishaw global operations. Purchasing groups are located in our UK, Ireland and India offices. 
Supplier Substance Compliance StandardThis document describes the requirements and expectations of suppliers who supply substances or articles to the Renishaw Group.